Thursday, 22 November 2012

3.1 Protection From Danger

1) Animals need to protect themselves from danger posed by their enemies.

2) Their enemies include humans and other animals. Humans hunt and kill them. Big animals kill small animals for food. For example, an eagle kills a rabbit for food.

3) Animals have specific characteristics and behaviour to protect themselves from danger and harm. These abilities enable the animals to stay alive.

4) Elephants and rhinoceroses have skins that are thick and hard. The hard skin helps to prevent their enemies from injuring them.


5) The bodies of snails, tortoises and crabs are covered with hard shells. Snails and tortoises retract their heads and legs into the shells when they are attacked by enemies.



6) Pangolins and crocodiles have hard scales to protect their bodies from injuries. The bodies of snakes and fish are covered with scales.


7) Porcupines and hedgehogs have sharp spines on their bodies to keep enemies at bay. They raise their long, sharp spines when their enemies advance towards them.



8) Scorpions, bees and centipedes have poisonous stings on their tails to attack and kill their enemies. Bees and wasps also use stings to weaken their enemies. Centipedes have venomous stings on their heads that can cause pain and kill their enemies.




9) Rhinoceroses, bulls, bucks (male deer) and goats use their horns or antlers to attack their enemies.



10) Lions, cats and leopards have sharp and strong claws while eagles have talons to protect themselves and their young from their enemies.
                         Cat                                                                                     Leopard
11) The octopus and squid squirt black ink to confuse their enemies so that they can escape.

                        Octopus                                                                                          Squid
12) Millipedes and pangolins can curl their bodies up so that their enemies cannot attack them.

                                                 Millipede                                                       Pangolin       
13) Bed bugs and skunks release stinks to repel their enemies. Stinks help to prevent them from being eaten.
                                             Bed bug                                                              Skunk